Ways To Soothe Stomach Ache In Babies

If your tiny tot seems to be fussy, uncomfortable and crying a lot, his tummy may be upset and paining. He may even refuse to take any fluid or food and also not sleep well. There are different causes of pain in belly. 
Ways To Soothe Stomach Ache In Babies
 So, let's learn about different causes of stomach ache in babies and how to soothe them. 

As you start feeding the solids food to your baby and include different types of foods in his meal for the first time, his tummy may get upset. To ease the ache, burp you little one and rub his belly gently after the meal. Make sure you feed him easy to digest food in the beginning.    

Another cause of discomfort in stomach is stomach flu. If your baby is suffering from diarrhea, he may have stomach flu. Consult a pediatrician for the treatment. As diarrhea can lead to dehydration, give your baby plenty of fluids to keep him hydrated.  

Stomach discomfort can also be due to constipation. If your child is not having the regular bowel movements as it used to be, most probably he is constipated. Another cause of pain can be difficulty in passing the dry and hard stools. In such a case, give foods such as apples, bananas, rice etc. as these are not only easy to digest but also produces loose stools. Don't forget to give a balanced liquid diet. 

Some tiny tots have food allergies and they can digest certain kind of foods. Symptoms of food allergies are coughing, diarrhea, stomach ache, swollen tongue, runny nose and rashes which itches a lot. Take your child to pediatrician if he shows any of these symptoms within a few hours of eating a certain eatable. 

Apart from above, there can be many causes of stomach ache in babies. If baby is continuously crying and pain persist longer, rush to the pediatrician.