Tips To Soothe The Discomfort Of Teething

The teething pain can be ordeal for babies! From the time baby's new tooth starts emerging, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. They feel uneasy and irritable and often cries due to puffy gums. Some of the common symptoms of teething are swollen gums,
Tips To Soothe The Discomfort Of Teething
tooth visible below the gum, biting or sucking everything, drooling, not having a sound sleep, rejecting food and irritability.

Medication is usually avoided to relieve the teething pain. Instead, some common remedies are used to soothe tender gums, crankiness and other teething symptoms. So, let's learn about some effective tips to soothe teething discomfort and sore gums. 

Best ways to ease the teething pain:
Keep the mouth cool - Try keeping the mouth of a baby cool using chilled pacifier or teether. It will help to soothe baby's gums and they will feel a bit comfortable. Make sure you don't keep the pacifier in a freezer as it may become hard enough to damage baby's gums.

Massage Baby's gum "“ Take a moistened gauze pad or washcloth and rub baby's gum gently. The light pressure applied while rubbing the gums provides comfort to the teething baby. You can also soak a washcloth in chamomile tea and then put it in a clean plastic bag and then chill it in the refrigerator. Use this chilled washcloth to rub baby's gums for enhanced soothing touch.

Feed hard food "“ Take a solid food such as peeled cucumber and let your baby munch on it. Hold one end of the cucumber and allow the baby to chew on the other. This will help a lot to ease teething discomfort and gnawing pain. Keep an eye on your baby and make sure to remove the pieces from the mouth that break off.

Apply pressure on gums "“ Applying a light pressure on baby's gums numb the pain! Use your clean pinky finger to gently rub the gums by applying a light pressure. You can also give a vibrating teether to soothe the paining gums.