Tips To Comfort Babies After Vaccination

Vaccination is important for every baby as it guards against the infectious disease. But it is not easy to handle the baby's first shots. Infant's first vaccination can trigger fever and rashes and they may fall moderately ill. However, you can make the experience less painful and stressful by doing few things.

Tips To Comfort Babies After Vaccination

Before discussing the comforting tips, let's understand why the vaccination is essential. It's important that the babies should be vaccinated as it provides them the best protection. Vaccinations helps the immune system to fight against the life-threatening diseases. The antibodies created by a small amount of inactivated antigens in the vaccine create antibodies that fight against the harmful viruses and bacteria. And, your child will be healthy and safe!

Below are some best ways to minimize your child's discomfort:

Breastfeeding your baby is one of the best ways to ease his discomfort and pain. You can nurse your little one immediately after he has received his shot. This will calm down your baby as breastfeeding is an effective pain reliever. Moreover, skin-to-skin contact and a sweet taste of mother's milk acts as a soothing antidote to the pain of a shot.

The second thing you can do is swaddle your baby before the shot. Don't wrap the legs for the vaccination. To some extent, it helps in soothing the pain of a needle.

Soon after the shot is given to the baby, cuddle him gently. You can also talk or sing a lullaby to grab his attention and make him feel comfortable.

Sometimes making a shushing sound in baby's ear also helps in calming the crying baby.

Last but not the least, you can ask the pediatrician to prescribe some pain killer for the baby. Do not give any pain killer to the infant without prescription.