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"The Farmer in the Dell" is kids' favorite singing game and nursery rhyme. This popular children's song marks its origin in Germany and is believed to be introduced in North America by German immigrants. Later, the rhyme gained popularity in other parts of the world and was enjoyed by young children as a singing game. "The Farmer in the Dell" is also sung in a number of languages.
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Singing game for kids
One player is chosen as the farmer, who stands in the center of a circle, formed by other players by holding hands around him. Then they move around while singing or reciting the first verse of the nursery rhyme. When the verse ends, players stop and the farmer makes his choice of wife. She joins him in the center of the circle for her verse, and so through the verses until the cheese (last character) is chosen. The last character usually becomes the farmer for the next round.

Origin of the rhyme
Commentators believe that "The Farmer in the Dell" children's song was taken from North America by German immigrants. From there, it had spread to other parts of the world, including The United States, The Netherlands, Canada, Great Britain, Scotland and England. The melody to the song was similar to "A Hunting We Will Go".

In the early 20th century, the rhyme was also known in France title "Le fermier dans son pré", Sweden titled "En bonde i vÃ¥r by", Australia and South Africa as well.

Variant versions of The Farmer in the Dell
Like most of the nursery rhymes and kids' songs, different versions of "The Farmer in the Dell" have been published. In the United Kingdom, first line of the first verse is often replaced with "The Farmer in his den". The song progresses through farmer's desire for a wife, hers for a child, child's desire for a nurse, hers for a dog, ending with a bone ("we all pat the bone").

The "Hi-Ho, the derry-o" is changed to "Ee-i,ee-i", "Ee-i, tiddly-i" and "'Ee-i, adio', 'Ee-i, andio' or 'Ee-i, entio'".

In the Romanian language, this popular children's song is titled as "Țăranul e pe câmp", which means the farmer is on the field. Lyrics in the last verses state that the child has a nurse, the nurse has a cat, the cat catches a mouse, the mouse eats a cheese, the cheese was in a cask, the cask is in the garbage, the farmer to choose.
In 2004, "The Farmer in the Dell" was published in an illustrated children's book by David R. Godine.
The rhyme "The Farmer in the Dell"  has been ruling the playgrounds till today, be it in any language or in a different version. Kids and young children love and enjoy this one of the popular nursery rhymes and singing games!!!