Stages Of Development In Toddlers Age From 12 To 24 Months

You will observe various changes in your child behavior as they grow. They master different milestones and develops at her/his own pace. Your child is normal and you don't have to worry if you notice the below changes in your little one.

Stages Of Development In Toddlers Age From 12 To 24 Months

A wide range of what's considered normal by experts and pediatricians are as follows:

Toddler walks by 18 months

It is truly a great delight to see those first wobbly steps of your little ones. Isn't it? Usually, toddlers gain confident on their feet by 12 to 18 months. They will try to walk, climb up stairs, stand on their tiptoes and also run a bit and then fall. Naughty toddlers will also scramble onto sofas and beds.

Understand the use of objects
Your little ones will learn and understand the use of everyday objects. Though they may not be perfect, they will try to hold glass or cup by themselves, feed themselves with the spoon, wash their hands, wipe their face with the towel and lots more.

Develop language skills
By the time your child is 18 months, he/she can speak few words and two-word sentences or short phrases. When you read fairy tales or recite nursery rhymes, they pick the new words. New words are also introduced to them as they hear the everyday conversation.

Follow simple instructions
Toddlers learn to follow the simple instructions such as "pick up your toy", "don't touch that", "come here" and lots more.

Toddlers may achieve various milestones as they grow. As a mom or dad, you never forget to praise them as it reinforces good behavior and learning!!!