Simple Ways To Boost Brain Development In Infants

The time spent with your little one should not only be fun-filled but also include some delightful activities that help in boosting their tiny brain. During the first year of babies, trillions of brain-cell connections are grown. And if these are not wired together, they may be lost during the child's school years.

Simple Ways To Boost Brain Development In Infants
Connect with your babies and provide them loving, caring and language enriched experiences. It is an excellent way to give baby's brain's neural connections more chances to get wired together.
Let's learn about some simple ways to develop tiny brain of the baby!
Respond to your baby
Simple interaction between mom or dad and child proves to be very beneficial in enhancing little one's brain development. Foster the brain development by responding to your baby. When the infant is looking at you and cooing, respond to him/her by talking or smiling. It is also one of the best ways to bond with the baby.

Play fun games
Keep your kids entertained and happy by playing simple games that involve the hands such as peekaboo. Tiny tots very actively respond to these simple games.

Develop passion for books
Boost an early passion for books by reading colorful picture books with your baby. Narrate short tales with modulation by putting feelings into words and encourage them to point at the pictures. The baby listens to your voice carefully and looks at pictures, it involves sight, hearing and touch. This helps in building his receptive language.

Try being attentive
When your baby points to something he wants, follow it by looking at it and remark on items. This confirms for your tiny tot how important their interest is to you.

Use dress up time to build baby's feelings
While dressing up or changing a diaper, stroke your baby's tummy or trace circles with your finger on their hands or cheeks. Research has shown that infants who are not often touched have brains that are smaller than normal for their age.