Simple Simon

About Simple Simon

"Simple Simon" is a popular kids' song and nursery rhyme. The modern lyrics which are known and sung all over the world were first published in 1764. The rhyme is featuring a character, Simple Simon who is going to the fair.

Come along and sing this fun and joyful song while watching the video!

Simple Simon Lyrics

Simple Simon met a pieman, 

Going to the fair;

Said Simple Simon to the pieman, 

"Let me taste your ware." 


Said the pieman unto Simon, 

"Show me first your penny."

Said Simple Simon to the pieman, 

"Indeed I have not any." 


Simple Simon went a-fishing, 

For to catch a whale; 

All the water he had got 

Was in his mother's pail. 


Simple Simon went to look,

If plums grew on a thistle; 

He pricked his fingers very much, 

Which made poor Simon whistle.