Origin And Meaning Of Little Miss Muffet Nursery Rhyme

Nursery rhymes have been ruling the preschools since ages! These kids' songs are fun, entertaining and also helps in enhancing language skills of young children. So, introduce some short and simple poems and children's songs so that kids can master them easily.
Origin And Meaning Of Little Miss Muffet Nursery RhymeYoutube
"Little Miss Muffet" is one of the most simple and easy nursery rhymes that kids will love to sing or recite.

"Little Miss Muffet" is a traditional nursery rhyme, popularly sung in English-speaking world.  It was most probably printed in the mid-twentieth century. Let's learn some more about the origin, meaning and different versions of this popular children's song.

Origin and Meaning
The earliest version of "Little Miss Muffet" nursery rhyme was printed in a book titled, 'Songs for the Nursery'. Just like many similar nursery rhymes, the real origins of this rhyme is not clear. One of the theories claims that the rhyme refers to Queen of Scots, Mary, who was believed to have been frightened by John Knox, a religious reformer. But this theory is speculative as most of the literary scholars state that stories  or theories that links folk tales or kids' songs to political events are usually urban legends. While some other theories claims that Dr. Thomas Muffet (physician and entomologist) had penned down his thoughts in regards to his stepdaughter Patience.   

Contemporary  Lyrics to Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Alternate versions of "Little Miss Muffet"
"Little Miss Muffet" had appeared in many alternative versions. It has been published with alternate words in the countries where "Whey" is not a common eatable.

In some of the alternative versions which existed in the nineteenth century, the lyrics included: 'Little Miss Mopsey, Sat in the shopsey' and 'Little Mary Ester, Sat upon a tester''.

The students of medicine mastered following version of the nursery rhyme: "Little Miss Muffet, Sat on her tuffet, Drinking whisky and gin. Two red hands and a spider, Sat down beside her, Such are wages of sin." It describes two physical symptoms of chronic liver disease and its association with alcohol. Words, "two red hands" indicate sign of palmar erythema (red palms) and "a spider" refers to spider naevi.

Fun in learning Little Miss Muffet
If you are first time introducing the nursery rhymes to the kids, begin with simple rhymes that are short. "Little Miss Muffet" being short and simple is easy for the kids and young children to memorize it. So for beginners, singing  this rhyme would help in sustaining their interest in learning the nursery rhymes. Moreover, "Little Miss Muffet" is one of the popular kids' songs and nursery rhymes about animals, which teachers have used to amuse their students.