Oral Care Tips For Babies

Oral care is very important as it prevents the tooth decay and gums problem!!!

Either your baby's teeth have started emerging or not, don't miss to take a good care of their mouth. It is important that your baby should get the best oral care as it is good for those future permanent teeth.

Oral Care Tips For Babies

Dental care before Baby's teeth emerges
Start taking care of infant's mouth even before his/her teeth have emerged. After every meal, wipe the gums gently. Wrap a wet washcloth or a piece of gauze around your finger for wiping the gums. You can also fit silicone thimble-like device over your index finger for cleaning the gums.

Cleaning the teeth
As soon as your child's teeth start to appear, begin with the oral health. Use silicone rubber fingertip toothbrush to clean the teeth twice a day. Though these teeth will be replaced with permanent ones, it mandatory to clean those temporary teeth. Because they may decay and lead to a gum infection if not cleaned properly. This can adversely affect the spacing of permanent teeth.

Oral care before bedtime
Avoid putting your baby to the bed with a milk bottle as it may cause tooth cavity. After the meal, clean  the gums and newly emerged teeth using a washcloth. You can use baby toothpaste for brushing the teeth gently. Don't forget to clean the tongue to dislodge bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Last but not the least, get you baby habitual of cleaning teeth and gums as part of her/his daily routine!!! It will be very beneficial in keeping their gums and teeth healthy.