My Family Lyrics

I have a beautiful family of ten,

My pets are my favorite animal friends.

She is my mom, beautiful and calm,

When I am sick, she kisses my palm.

He is my dad, strong and dear,

When we are down, he brings us all cheer.

Meet my brother Matt, our baby boy,

He loves fruit salad, and he loves his toys.

This is my Granddad, with a big mustache,

He takes us to the pool, and we make a big splash.

This is my Granny, she loves to bake,

Matt and I enjoy her chocolate cake.

These are my pets, Katy and Bunny,

Matt loves to play with them, when it’s sunny.

Bruno's white as snow, and Charlie loves chillies,

Come have fun with us, and let's get silly.

I love my family, I love all my pets

Come sing with us, it’s good as it gets...

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