Massaging Techniques For The Pre-crawling Babies

Massaging the pre-crawling baby is an essential skill of mother. It a great way to bond with your newborn baby. Moreover, there are many potential benefits of massaging the infant daily such as promoting sound sleep, boosting growth, aiding digestion, strengthening muscles and enhancing their immune system.

Massaging Techniques For The Pre-crawling Babies

Let's learn about some effective massaging techniques to help you along.

Legs and feet

Massage the baby's leg first using the baby oil as they're less sensitive in comparison to other parts of the body. Hold feet of your baby with one hand, and then using other hand begin the massage from the top of the thigh and slowly move all the way down to ankle while squeezing the leg very gently. Repeat the same with another leg!

Now carefully rotate the foot of the baby for 4 to 5 times in each direction. Massage the foot starting from ankle down to the toes. Next is soles! Trace circles all over the soles gently using your thumb.

Arms and hands

Grease your hand with baby oil and glide smoothly over the hand starting from baby's armpit all the way to his/her wrist. Now carefully rotate the writ a few time in each direction. Switch arm and repeat the same procedure.

Once done with arms, switch to hands. Trace tiny circles all over the palm of both the hands with your thumb. Next is to strengthen your infant's fingers! Hold the finger between your thumb and forefinger and stroke down gently, letting the finger slip through your finger's hold. Repeat the same procedure with all other fingers as well.

Chest and back

Join your hands together and put your hands over your baby's chest. Then stroke your hands outward and carefully flatten your palms down. Repeat the procedure several times.

Lay the baby on his/her back. Now use your fingertips to trace small circles on either side of baby's spine, from the neck down to the buttocks.

Golden time to massage the infants is before bedtime. They will find it comforting, make them stay relaxed and help in better sleep. With so many benefits of massage, you will surely add massaging your baby to your daily routine. So set up the towel on a floor and grab a bottle of baby oil and massage your infants for good health.