The Hunter and the Wolf

The Hunter and the Wolf Lyrics

A greedy hunter one day shot a fine Deer, and ere he could dress it, a pretty Fawn came that way, and an arrow brought it to the ground. A Boar now chanced to be passing, and the Hunter wounded it so that it lay on the ground as if dead. Not satisfied with this game, he must need pursue a Partridge that came fluttering near, and while he was doing so the wounded Boar regained enough strength to spring upon him and kill him. 

A Wolf came that way, and seeing the four dead bodies, said: Here is food for a month; but I will save the best, and be content today with the bow-string. But when he seized the string, it loosened the fixed arrow, which shot him through the heart.


Moral : The greedy man and the miser cannot enjoy their gains.