King Kokem

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King Kokem lay snoozing upon his brass bed 

Oh, play an old tune on your fiddle! 

With shoes on his feet, and a crown on his head 

Oh, tune up your rusty old fiddle! 

He dreamed of a land where the lions were tame, 

Where they fried their lamb-chops on a griddle, 

Where they called all the parrots and monkeys by name 

Oh, play us a tune on your fiddle! 

He dreamed of a sea filled with raspberry pop, 

With a cocoanut isle in the middle, 

Where the stones and the boulders had icing on top 

Go strike up a tune on your fiddle! 

He dreamed of a sky where the moonbeams all danced 

While a comet was telling a riddle, 

Where the stars and the planets and sun-dogs all pranced 

While the moon played his fiddle de diddle. 

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