History And Origin Of This Little Piggy Nursery Rhyme

"This Little Piggy" is the best-known English nursery rhyme, which is also used as a fingerplay. The songwriter is not known. The first line of the nursery rhyme was published in a medley called 'The Nurse's Song' in 1728 and the first full version of the rhyme appeared in 1760 in 'The Famous Tommy Thumb's Little Story-Book'.
History And Origin Of This Little Piggy Nursery RhymeYoutube

Later, the full version continued to be published in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century collection, with a few variations in the words. Until the mid-twentieth century, the lines used "little pigs".

"This Little Pigs" is also used as a fingerplay to keep the toddlers happy and entertained. Often the mom counts out the rhyme on their toddler's toes. Each line corresponds to a different toe, usually starting with the big toe and ending with the pinky toe. As the rhyme ends, moms tickle the bottom of the foot of their baby. The rhyme is also used a counting rhyme by young children.
Fun in playing fingerplay
Fingerplay is a set of hand actions or movements, combined with either reciting or singing the nursery rhyme, to keep the little ones entertained. Moreover, it is a fun way to introduce nursery rhymes to the kids and also helps the little learners and preschoolers to learn lyrics to their favorite nursery rhymes and kids' songs in a most fun-filled way. Children also become active listeners and they pay full attention to the teacher and learn the lyrics.

Add some giggle to your infant's leisure time! Combine "This Little Piggy" song with fingerplay to make your child giggle and engage his interest. So, let's learn how to enjoy fingerplay while singing this delightful nursery rhyme.
Wiggle the big toe at "This little piggy went to market"
Wiggle the long toe as you sing "This little piggy stayed home"
Wiggle the middle toe at "This little piggy had roast beef"
Wiggle the ring toe as you sing "This little piggy had none"
When you sing "And this little piggy cried, wee wee wee all the way home", wiggle the toe of your baby and then tickle the bottom of the foot.

So, get ready have lots of fun with your baby by combining fingerplay with singing "This Little Piggy". It's fun, entertaining and your little one will giggle a lot as you tickle the bottom of his foot.