Tree House

Baby Hazel has lost her ball in the Tree House. Let's join Baby Hazel to help in her in looking for the ball in 3 different rooms of Tree House. These rooms are filled with a lot of fun activities and surprises. So, get ready to have fun with Baby Hazel in Tree House and help her in hunting for the ball. Enjoy fun-filled Tree House adventure with Baby Hazel!

Play baseball with Baby Hazel
It's playing time for Baby Hazel! Join Hazel and her pet to play baseball with them. Make their play hours joyful by paying heed to all their demands.

Foodie's Hub
Wow! In Foodie's Hub so many delicacies are waiting for Hazel. Prepare tasty food and some chilled drinks to feed Hazel.

Floral Delight
Baby Hazel enters the Floral Delight while looking for her lost ball. Here she finds a duck pond and beautiful flowers. Join Hazel to water the plants and feed ducklings. Also give shower to Hazel in pond.

Shoe House
Wow! Here is a Shoe House. Oh no! But hanging wooden bridge connecting to Shoe is broken. Can you help Hazel to renovate the bridge and reach Shoe House to look for her lost ball?

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.