Thanks Giving Fun

Hurray! Baby Hazel and family are visiting her grandparents' home for Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Hazel is very excited to meet her grandparents and to join them with festive preparations. Dress up darling Hazel in festive outfit and accessories and help her in completing the festival preparations. Go along with Hazel and her grandpa to see Thanksgiving Day parade. Finally, join the family to feast on tasty Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Baby Hazel crafts gifts
Baby Hazel is very excited as she is visiting her grandparents' home. Our darling Hazel wants to craft a surprise for her grandparents. Can you help her in crafting something unique and beautiful?

Baby Hazel collects staples
Great! Baby Hazel and family have reached her grandparents' house. Grandpa has been eagerly waiting for his little angel Hazel so that they both can enjoy collecting fresh staples. Help Hazel in collecting fresh staples from kitchen garden and storeroom.

Baby Hazel dress up
Hurrah! Baby Hazel is going to see Thanksgiving Day parade along with her grandpa. Can you help Baby Hazel to dress up in festive attire and outfits ?

Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Day parade
Wow! Baby Hazel and her grandpa have reached the Thanksgiving Day parade venue. Join Hazel to enjoy marching bands and Karaoke at the parade.

Baby Hazel festive preparations
Baby Hazel enjoyed fun-filled activities at the parade. Now she wants to help granny in decorating the dining room. Help Baby Hazel in finding the decorative supplies from storeroom and then decorate the room.

Baby Hazel Thanksgiving dinner
It's time to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner! Join Baby Hazel and her family to feast on yummy food prepared by granny. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.