Thanks Giving Day

Baby Hazel is all set to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. She is more excited because Baby Hazel's grandparents are joining her for the Thanksgiving dinner. So, Baby Hazel has lot of chores to complete for which she some ones needs help to complete them. Help Baby Hazel in collecting fresh staples from farm and to assist mom in preparing dinner. Then dress our princess in Thanksgiving attire and fulfill everyone's need while dining by giving whatever they ask for. Have a blissful Thanksgiving Day with Baby Hazel and her grandparents.

Baby Hazel goes to farm
Baby Hazel is thinking of all activities that she needs to complete before grandparents arrive for dinner. She knows mom makes turkey for the meal; ergo she has to get fresh staples from the farm. Begin the day by helping Baby Hazel in her farm and get all that she wants. Keep checking hint bubbles to know what she requires. Don`t make her wait.

Baby Hazel helps mom in cooking
Baby Hazel has reached home with fresh staples. Now she wants to help mom in cooking dinner. As she is too young, she needs someone to guide her. Help Baby Hazel in cooking turkey and decorating other dishes so that her grandparents appreciate her and shower lots of affection. Check the hint bubble if you need assistance.

Baby Hazel gets ready for the Thanksgiving Dinner
Wow! Yummy meal is ready to serve and Baby Hazel's grandparents may drop by any time. Our little angel needs help to dress her up in thanksgiving attire. So help Baby Hazel in getting ready for the Thanksgiving dinner. Keep her happy by fulfilling her demands.

Thanksgiving dinner time with grandparents
It is dinner time! Baby Hazel and her grandparents are ready for dinner. Help Baby Hazel to serve the yummy meal to grandparents. Fulfill their needs by serving them what they ask for. Help Baby Hazel in making this Thanksgiving Day memorable.

Use mouse interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!