Swimming Time

Wow! Time for Baby Hazel to learn swimming. Uncle James had promised Hazel to give her swimming lessons and he is keeping his promise now. Baby Hazel prepares herself for the sessions by packing her bag with swimming costumes and other essentials. Help her in packing all the swimming necessities. Then go along with Hazel to the swimming pool and help her in dressing up in swim costumes and gears. Join little angel to learn how to swim as per instructions given by uncle James.

Baby Hazel packs swim gears
Hurray! Uncle James is ready to give swimming lessons to Baby Hazel. But before heading to swimming classes, she needs to pack her bag with swim costumes and other necessities. Be with Hazel to make sure that she has packed her bag with all the required essentials for swimming.

Baby Hazel dress up in swim costumes
Baby Hazel is getting ready for the swimming lessons. Help hazel to dress up in swimming costumes and accessories. Hazel is a foodie so suggest her to avoid overeating before swimming.

Baby Hazel learn basics of swimming
Wonderful! Baby Hazel is all set to learn how to swim from uncle James. Be with Hazel and don't leave her unattended. She is bit scared to get into the pool. Can you motivate her to get into the pool and carefully learn swimming stepbystep..

Baby Hazel show moves in pool
With the swimming lessons taken from uncle James, our darling Hazel is perfect in swimming now. She shows amazing moves underwater and swims perfectly in swimming pool. Enjoy Hazel's moves in the pool!

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.