stomach care

Our Baby Hazel is suffering from stomachache due to ill food eating habits. Instead of eating mom-made breakfast, she loves eats lots of peanuts. Help her in getting rid of stomachache by taking her to doctor, give her medicines and let her slumber. Be around Hazel and ensure that she is contented. Pay heed to all her demands without letting her cry. Check how contented she is on the happiness bar. It's time to help our Baby Hazel in making her feel better.

Baby Hazel eats too many peanuts for breakfast.
It's breakfast time but it seems like Hazel can't wait for mom till she finishes cooking, ergo she rush towards jar filled with her favorite dry fruits and eats it. Help her in getting the dry fruits jar and ensure her mother is unaware.

Baby Hazel gets sever stomach pain and makes frequent potty trips
Hey!! What happened? It seems like Hazel is not feeling well and her mother has decided to take her to the clinic. While her mother takes out the car from garage, play with her and ensure she feels comfortable.

Baby Hazel visits doctor
Hazel is in doctor's clinic where she will be scrutinized for her stomach. But she is feeling uncomfortable as she is scared of injection. So, help hazel in her treatment and make her feel comfortable.

Baby Hazel follows doctor's instruction and stomach ache vanishes.
It's dinner time but hazel doesn't want to have anything. As she has to take her medicines, convince her to have proper dinner and let her read story book before slumbering.

Use mouse interact with Baby Hazel and her friends. Enjoy!