Sibling surprise

Baby Hazel is very fond of her little brother Matt. She is anxious to keep him happy. As Hazel is too young to look after the needs of Matt, can you help her? Assist her in changing Matt's nappy and dressing him up in beautiful baby outfits. Go shopping for cute baby room decoration items along with Hazel and help her to decorate Matt's room. Help Hazel to keep Matt happy by fulfilling all his needs. Enjoy your time with the siblings!!

Baby Hazel pampers baby Matt
Baby Hazel has to complete her school assignment. Oh! But Matt is crying a lot and Hazel is unable to concentrate on her work. Can you help Hazel to look for Matt's needs?

Baby Hazel changes Matt's nappy
Whoops! Little Matt has soiled his nappy which has made him uneasy and uncomfortable. Assist Baby Hazel in changing his nappy.

Baby Hazel set up baby gym for Matt
Wow! Granny has come to visit the siblings. She has gifted a baby gym to Matt. Assist Hazel in setting up the baby gym.

Baby Hazel enjoys shopping with granny
Have fun shopping with Baby Hazel and granny! Assist them in purchasing colorful and cute decoration items for decorating Matt's room. Enjoy shopping!!!

Baby Hazel decorates Matt's room
Baby Hazel is excited to decorate Matt's room with all the decorative items she has purchased. Help little princess in decorating the room beautifully so that mom and granny appreciate her creative skill.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.