Science Fair

Baby Hazel and her friends are excited about the Science Fair. They have to make a science model and present it in the class. The kid who makes the best presentation will receive an award. Assist Baby Hazel in selecting and making a creative science model. Finally help the kids to present their science models to their teacher..

Study about science projects
Have fun exploring interesting science projects! Join Baby Hazel and friends to learn about a few interesting science projects.

Baby Hazel selects a science model
Baby Hazel is upset as she is not able to select a project for the Science Fair. Help darling Hazel in selecting an innovative science project. Also assist her in picking all the stuff required for designing the model.

Baby Hazel designs a model
Baby Hazel has designed a model to showcase an erupting volcano. But the model still seems to be incomplete. Can you help her in improving the project?

Kids give presentation at Science Fair
Baby Hazel and her friends are all set to give presentations for the Science Fair. Assist them in giving the presentation to their teacher. Let's see who performs well and gets an award.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.