School Hygiene

Good hygiene practices prevents the spreading of germs. So mom teaches baby Hazel the basic hygiene care manners. She reads about the school inspection in Hazel's organizer. Certain instructions are given by the teacher for the students to follow strictly. Help Hazel to be neat and clean for the inspection day by trimming nails, wearing clean uniform and polishing shoes. Make sure she has combed her hairs properly and carries her school icard.

Baby Hazel hygiene care at home
Baby Hazel is not much aware about the importance of hygiene care. Mom guides her on performing hygiene care activities for a healthy living. Also there is an inspection day in Hazel's school for which teacher has given certain instructions to be followed. Let's check out what instructions are mentioned in her organizer.

Baby Hazel dress up for school
Baby Hazel gets ready for her school. Help her to dress up in clean uniform, trim her nails and polish her shoes properly. Make sure she does not miss to carry her school icard.

Baby Hazel inspection day
Its an inspection day today! Baby Hazel and other students in the class are ready for the inspection. Teacher inspects the kids for personal hygiene and principal tests their general knowledge. Wish good luck to Hazel so that she performs brilliantly.

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