Royal Bath

In these days Mom is busy caring and playing with Baby Matt. This has made our darling Hazel lone and sad. But then, Hazel's mother is quick in understanding her princess needs. So today she is going to pamper her daughter by giving a royal bath. Baby Hazel's royal bath starts with a soothing massage. Then let our princess dip herself in soothing chocolate water and that is followed by a milk bath and shower. Finally dress up little princess in her favorite costumes and accessories.

Baby Hazel feels ignored by her mom
Hey kids, little Baby Hazel is feeling a bit lonely today. Mom is busy comforting baby Matt most of the times, so our little princess is feeling left out. Be with her and keep her happy by fulfilling her needs.

Baby Hazel gets relaxing massage
Wow! Mom has decided to give an oil massage to her princess. Can you be with Mom and daughter and help Mom in giving a refreshing massage to Baby Hazel? Make sure you do not press her too hard and massage our little princess with care and affection.

Baby Hazel gets a royal bath
After a refreshing massage, Baby Hazel is ready for a royal bath. Pamper our little girl by soaking her in chocolate bubbles and then in milk bath tub. Finally bath her gently with liquid soap and shampoo.

Baby Hazel getting ready for her dance class
Little princess Baby Hazel is feeling fresh and energetic after the royal bath. Now she needs to be dressed up in her favorite costume and accessories. Can you help Mom to dress up Baby Hazel and get her ready for the dance class?

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.