Red velvet cupcakes

Do you want to become a wonderful confectioner that everybody would praise and dot on? Do you love baking delicious cupcakes? Do you crave for a secret adventure? Here we bring a great surprise for you! An opportunity to prove to the world that you are the best cupcakes chef and the super-duper confectionery artist! The very popular Red Velvet Cupcakes brought to you directly from the bakeries of faraway wonder lands! Moist and fluffy, delectable and spongy velvet cupcakes with light and soft crumb that would melt in your mouth within seconds! Buttermilk with a hint of cocoa essence that makes the perfect flavor for your delightful cupcakes! And the very bright shade of red is sure to beguile your heart and mind! Decorate it with amazing frosting or icing, sweet and colorful sprinkles and delicious toppings just to make them look perfecto! It is the time to taste your Red Velvet Cupcakes and also impress your parents with your baking skills! Try to follow the instructions and turn out to be a better baker! Get started right now and have fun in your own innovative kitchen!


Use your mouse to play this game.