Pumpkin Party

Baby Hazel's friend Jasmine plans to throw a Pumpkin Party for all her friends. As Jasmine is hosting party for the first time, she has asked Hazel to help her in the party arrangements. Let us join Baby Hazel and Jasmine to organize this party. Enjoy fun-filled games and feast on great delicacies in this Pumpkin Party.

Baby Hazel crafts a gift
Hurray! Baby Hazel is excited about the Pumpkin Party organized by her friend, Jasmine. Help Hazel to get ready for the party by dressing her up in party attire and accessories. Also help her in creating a surprise gift for jasmine.

Baby Hazel backyard cleaning
Wow! Baby Hazel has reached the venue before time. Oh! But backyard is a complete mess. Can you help Hazel and Jasmine in cleaning the backyard before decorating it?

Baby Hazel backyard decoration
Baby Hazel and Jasmine have cleared all the mess. Now it is time to decorate the party venue. Help the kids to decorate the backyard with spooky party supplies.

Baby Hazel enjoy games
Baby Hazel and her friends are all set to enjoy the Pumpkin Party. Let us join the kids to enjoy fun-filled games and activities. Keep the kids happy by fulfilling all their needs.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.