Play Date

Baby Hazel is going for a playdate to Jake's house. This occasion is planned by their mothers as it has been long time since they met. Moms are busy in their chit-chat and leaves the children to play together. Let's play the game to see whether they were quarreling or playing peacefully? Also check out what interesting outdoor and indoor games did they enjoy? As moms are busy, so you have to take care of kids needs while they play.

Baby Hazel in car
Playdate at Jake's house! Isn't that great for Hazel to enjoy her weekend. Baby Hazel and her mom are on their way to Jake's house. But cute doll feels bit boring as mom is busy on phone. Can you entertain her needs to make her happy?

Baby Hazel rest hours
Finally, Hazel has reached Jake's house. She is feeling tired and needs a small nap. Fulfill the needs of Hazel and Jake while their moms are busy chatting. Pamper both the kids and make them asleep.

Baby Hazel playtime
Our little darlings are feeling energetic after enjoying a sound sleep. Both the kids are having great time by playing together. Make the kids happy by giving them their favorite toys and feeding them with candies

Baby Hazel at backyard garden
Play time is still on! Now Jake and Hazel wants to indulge in some outdoor games. Be with the kids and take care that both of them don't quarrel with each other and play peacefully.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others