Pet Party

Oh, Baby Hazel's pets are in poor mood. Baby Hazel is left in the question how to cheer them up, ergo, she plans to throw pet party for her pets. She invites her friends too. She felt like even pets need some happening and joyous time. Help Baby in getting all her pets ready for the party and make this party memorable. Pay heed to the needs of Baby Hazel and her friends pets to ensure they have fun at the party. Enjoy this fun filled pet party with Baby Hazel.

Baby Hazel Pets Upset
Its weekend when Baby Hazel loves spending her time with all her darling pets. But today it seems these notorious pets are in no mood of listening to Baby Hazel. They look bored and upset. To change their temper, Baby Hazel plans to organize Pet Party for her fond pets and invites all her friends. Be with little Hazel throughout feeding her all needs. Help her in making them sleep and wake up next morning.

Baby Hazel Dresses Her Pets For Pet Party
Wow! Everyone is wake up and eager to enjoy the party. All of them are in playful mood now. Baby Hazel has come into her pets room and now starts with getting them ready. Help Baby Hazel in getting Bunny, Katy and Budgie ready one by one. Attend all the needs of them.

Baby Hazel Time For Pet Party
Wow! Finally its party time. Baby Hazel has arranged everything for the party at her backyard, right from food to varied playing activities. Her friends Liam and Jake are shortly going to join her with their pets. Once all have come the party sets on! Pay heed to all the needs of them and enjoy this amazing pet party.

Baby Hazel Pet Show
Hurray! The pet party is not yet finished, there is more to come. To conclude the party, Baby Hazel has further arranged surprise pet show for the entertainment of everyone. Its time for everyone to enjoy & dance. Sounds exciting, right? Be part of this amazing pet show and have a wonderful day with darling Hazel.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.