Pet Hospital

Baby Hazel and friends are enjoying their weekend in the park along with their pet animals. Oh no! The pets had a fight while playing and have got injured. Can you help the kids to convince their pets to take treatment? Keep the pets relaxed during the treatment by pampering them with their favorite food and toys.

Keep a watch on pet animals
Baby Hazel and her friends are enjoying fun rides at the park. Can you keep a watch on their naughty little pets playing in the garden?

Vet treats Bunny for his wounds
Oh Gosh! Pets had a petty fight and got injured. Baby Hazel and her pet, Honey Bunny are at the pet hospital for treatment. But Bunny is scared of the medical checkup. Can you help Hazel to convince Bunny to take the treatment?

Give dental care to Roxy
Roxy is suffering from dental problem. Help the vet to give dental treatment to Roxy. Be with her during the treatment to make her comfortable.

Treat Harley for his fractured leg
Cute little Harley has fractured his leg. Can you help Jake to pamper the little bird? Assist the vet to apply cast on Harley's fractured leg.

Bathe cute little Tommy
Tommy is lucky enough as he suffered no injuries. Give him a refreshing shower and wash away all mud stains from his body.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others