Nature Explorer

Hurray! Today Baby Hazel will be visiting the outskirts along with her cousin, Ashley. They have to collect various items required for Ashley's class assignment. Let's join the kids to explore farm, forest and riverside. Assist kids in making crafts using all the collectible items by fulfilling all their needs. Enjoy fun-filled and educational nature trail with Baby Hazel!

Baby Hazel packs the bag
Baby Hazel is going for a Nature Walk with her cousin, Ashley. Can you help Hazel to pack the required stuff so that they enjoy her nature trail to the fullest?

Baby Hazel visits farm and forest
Baby Hazel and Ashley have to collect the items mentioned in checklist. Go along with the kids to farm and forest to collect the required objects and make crafts and collages for the project. Have fun!

Baby Hazel enjoys at seashore
Baby Hazel and Ashley have reached the seashore to collect remaining objects. Join kids to assist them in collecting shells and pebble and make beautiful crafts. Be quick as it is getting dark.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.