Mischief Time

Yeah!!! Baby Hazel is in roguish mood! She has finally got some lonesome time to enjoy. In her Mom's absence, she has planned to revel. She has invited her BFF Mia to have some playful time. Help little Hazel enjoy every bit of time along with buddy Mia. Sshh!!! Her mom may drop in any moment; ensure everything is back at its place before she comes. Help Hazel in cleaning the mess and return to bed before mom returns. Wanna know what Hazel and Mia do in Mom's absence? Play this game and get to know. Have a roguish day with Baby Hazel and Mia!

Baby Hazel fakes sleep
Hazel's Mom makes Darling girl asleep as she wants rush for shopping. She puts her on the crib and ensures that she Hazel is sleeping well. Hush! Baby Hazel is awake, she is juts imitating as if she is sleeping. Perhaps something is cooking in her mind. She also invites Mia. Wanna know why she does so? Fulfill all the demands of Hazel while being with her.

Baby Hazel and her friend Mia in mischievous fun time
Oh! Baby Hazel is really in mischievous mood. As being home alone she wants to have fun. As Mia has come in, the zeal of the kid has summed up. Let the kids have playful time. Help Baby Hazel and Mia in having fun. Check out what Hazel does when Mia joins her in. be around them and complete their all demands.

Baby Hazel and her friend Mia are hungry
Baby Hazel and Mia are now hungry after playing. But seems they are still in playful mood. Feed them and fulfill all their needs too. Ensure they are contented throughout.

Baby Hazel cleaning act
Whoops! It's time for Hazel's mom to come back. She must be on the way. Hazel has to clean up the mess and has to put everything in its original place. Help Hazel and Bell clean up the house before her mom comes in. Hurry up! Hazel has to go back in her crib as well. Ensure everything is settled properly.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.