Light House Adventure

Baby Hazel is on a cruise and having fun swimming and dancing. Then she sees a light house from her ship and wishes to go there. Play this game to help Hazel reach her destination. And out of her surprise she realizes that it was a dream. You can�t leave our darling Hazel alone so lets explore this new place with her.

Baby Hazel's Fantasy Voyage Begins
Baby Hazel is on the ship swimming in the pool and dancing on the tunes of the orchestra. But she sees a beautiful light house from her ship. Play this exciting level to help hazel reach the light house.

Baby Hazel On The Way to Lighthouse
Hazel leaves her cruise in a boat. Play this level to see how she reaches her destination and who all she meets on her way. She meets new friends.

Baby Hazel gets down at seashore
Hazel meets some new people on her way to light house. Play this level to help Hazel meet her destination and explore the haunted Light house.

Baby Hazel Lighthouse Mystery
Hurray Baby Hazel reaches the light house. But she meets new and old friends. Play this level to see who all Hazel meets and what she sees at the light house. Lets explore this new place with Baby hazel.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.