Leg Injury

Baby Hazel and her pet Bruno are playing in the backyard. Oops! Hazel falls down, to her surprise, she injures her leg. Panicked mother gives her first-aid and takes her to the doctor. Help Hazel's mother and the doctor to treat our darling hazel to walk and play as before. Play this level to know how hazel was cured.

Hazel playing in the garden
Darling Hazel is playing in the backyard with Bruno. OUCH!! While playing she falls down injuring her leg. Help Hazel's mother to cure our darling hazel as before. Play this level to know how hazel injures her leg.

Hazel gets hurts
Poor Hazel has injured her leg and now she is down with pain. Help Hazel to get first- aid done. Will you help her? Play this level to give her first aid. And bring her smile back to her face.

Take Hazel to the doctor
Baby Hazel is taken to the doctor. She is still suffering from pain. Let's see how Doctor cures Hazel. Will she be able to walk as before? Play this level to help the doctor to heal our princess.

Help Hazel in recovering from injury
Help hazel recover. Give Hazel medicines prescribed by the doctor... Let's see whether she is able to recover or not. Play this level to know Hazels recovery.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.