Learns Vehicles

Wow! Baby Hazel is very excited as it's her first day to school. It's time for little Hazel to admit in School and learn more things. She is curious as she is getting a chance to explore new world and that's School'. School is all about new life, new friends, etiquettes, sharing and many more. Help Hazel in getting ready for School. After getting into the classroom, help her and her friends learn more new things. Her School Miss has planned to make learning session in fun way. Play this game and get to know how Baby Hazel spends her first day at school and what she learns new. Get a chance to learn new educational things along with Baby Hazel.

Baby Hazel gets ready for school
It's bright shiny azure morning. Baby Hazel is in mood of coloring in morning itself. Oops! It's time to go for school. Help Hazel in packing her bag and get ready for school. Her school bus may arrive at any moment. Don't forget to give her School Identity Game. Hurry Up! Don't get her late on her first day at school.

It's learning time for kids
Yuppie! Baby Hazel has come to School. It's time for her to learn new things. Her School Miss has planned to make them learn more about cars in playful way. Learning can also be fun; this is what Hazel's Miss tries to do. Want to know what they will be learning more today? Play this level to know what else they learn.

All Kids waiting for meal
Wow! Lecture is over. Now it's time to have meal. One should know the importance of prayer before starting their meal. Baby Hazel and her classmates learn the same. Help these kids in having their meal and their School Miss in guiding them. There is one more thing that these kids learn, want to know what? You will know it shortly. Keep an eye on their needs and complete their needs to add more bonus points.

It's playing time for kids
Yeah! Its play time for Hazel! Playing is as important as education. If education can be fun, why not playing games can be educative. School Miss has arranged all the games keeping the morning learning session in mind. Help these kids in recognizing the same. While playing they also learn more about traffic signals. Help Hazel and her friends enjoy their playtime.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and her friends.