Learns Colors

Color time for Baby Hazel! Today our darling Hazel will learn to identify different colors through some fun-filled activities. Her color learning session begins with a makeover of a doll, then making different colored frosting and ends up with painting a picture with right shades. Enjoy learning colors with Hazel!

Baby Hazel doll makeover
Baby Hazel was gifted with a doll makeover set by her uncle. She decides to dress up her in matching set of outfit and accessories. Help Hazel in selecting a matching pair of costume and accessories for her doll.

Baby Hazel makes colored frosting
Mom wants to treat her angel with rainbow cake for which she needs different colors of frosting. Join Hazel to carefully follow the instructions of mom in preparing frosting of different colors. Have a great time with Hazel learning mixing of colors!

Baby Hazel decorates cake
After a fun-filled session of color mixing and frosting preparations, its time to decorate the cake with right color frosting. Help Hazel in picking right shades of frosting for the cake decoration. Its a great fun to decorate cake!!

Baby Hazel colors a picture
Great! Baby Hazel have learned about the different colors and their names. Now its time to color a picture and make hand painting. Help the little angel in painting a picture using right shades. Enjoy coloring with Hazel!

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.