Kitchen Time

It's time to have some fun in kitchen with Baby Hazel! Today Baby Hazel has to take care of her little brother, Matt as mom is out for some work. As darling Hazel is too young she needs your help in taking care of Matt. Assist Hazel to prepare a yummy fruit treat for Matt using ingredients from her kitchen. Help her in feeding this tasty food to Matt without making him cry for mom. Enjoy pampering Matt and assisting Hazel in this fun-filled game.

Baby Hazel plays with Matt
It's playtime for Baby Hazel and Baby Matt. Mom is not at home and Matt is missing her a lot. Help Hazel to pamper her little brother and keep him busy in fun-filled activities.

Help Hazel in preparing infant meal
Little Matt is hungry. But he is not interested in having vegetable puree. Can you help Hazel to prepare a healthy and tasty meal for Matt by using ingredients from her kitchen?

Feed Matt the tasty meal
Superb! Baby Hazel has prepared a mixed fruit treat for her darling brother. Help Hazel to feed this delicious food to Matt and make sure that he does not miss mom by pampering him.

Put Matt to sleep
Baby Matt is feeling sleepy after having his fruit treat. Can you help Hazel to get Matt ready for bed time by changing his diaper and dressing him up in his sleep dress? Put Matt to sleep by playing lullabies.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.