Harvest Festival

This season, celebrate a joyful Harvest Festival with Baby Hazel. Be with Baby Hazel to enjoy fun-filled games and activities, feast on yummy treats, pick fresh veggies and fruits and much more. So, let's join Hazel to enjoy a lot of fun-packed activities in Harvest Festival. Make sure Hazel is safe and enjoys to the fullest. Fulfill all her needs on time to keep her happy.

Baby Hazel enjoys craft-making activities
It's time for Baby Hazel to show off her creative skills. Assist Baby Hazel in making a pumpkin craft and scarecrow to get a surprise gift.

Baby Hazel at Apple World
Wow! At Apple World, an apple-eating competition is held for the kids. Let's help our darling Hazel to win the competition and win a surprise prize.

Fun at Hay Town with Baby Hazel
Hurray! It's time to do some mischievous activities. Join Baby Hazel to play on bales of Hay and make funny sketches. Also take darling Hazel for a joyful horse ride.

Explore Farm Castle with Baby Hazel
Visit the Farm Castle with Baby Hazel to feed and play with cute little farm animals. Enjoy munching corn and playing juggling with Hazel.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.