Gums Treatment

Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important for healthy gums and teeth! Mom is getting Matt and Hazel ready for the dental checkup. Hazel's gums are bleeding. She needs quick dental treatment. Accompany Hazel to the clinic and help dentist in giving her treatment at the earliest.

Kids get ready for the clinic
Baby Hazel and Matt have dental checkup today. Darling Hazel seems to be worried about her bleeding gums. Take care of Hazel and attend to all her needs.

Dental checkup of Baby Matt
Baby Hazel's gums are bleeding. But the dentist is busy in completing Matt's checkup. Be with Hazel and make her comfortable while waiting for her turn. Make sure that Matt is comfortable during his checkup.

Dental checkup of Baby Hazel
Next is Baby Hazel's turn for the checkup. Help the dentist to diagnose Hazel's dental problem without making her cry.

Baby Hazel gets dental treatment
Oh! Little princess is diagnosed with sore gums. Assist the dentist in carefully cleaning the gums and teeth of Baby Hazel.

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