Gingerbread House

Christmas bells are ringing! Our darling Baby Hazel had a dream in which gingerbread man has asked her to renovate gingerbread house. Hazel needs your help in rebuilding gingerbread house, swimming pool, candy train, snowman, gingerbread girl, and decorating Christmas tree. Click on the different activity icons to complete the task.

Baby Hazel gingerbread house renovation.
Help Hazel in renovating gingerbread house using candies, chocolates, cookies, and cream. Give a great look to the house by building a snowman at its entrance. Break the snowy land to construct a swimming pool equipped with essential gears. Use choc-chunks, canned fruits and cookies to build candy train. Decorate the Christmas tree with colorful balls, stars, jingle bells, stockings, and other ornaments. Finally, rebuild the gingerbread girl so that she can accompany gingerbread man and both can celebrate Christmas with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.