Garden Party

Yippee! Baby Hazel plans to host a Garden Party for her friends. But Hazel cannot set everything for the party on her own as she is too young and need someone's help. Can you help her in making party arrangements? Firstly, help her in sending invitation to her friends. Then dress up darling Hazel in nice flowerprint costumes and accessories. Finally, join Hazel and her friends to enjoy interesting games and activities in the party.

Baby Hazel party invitation
Hurray! Let us join Baby Hazel to start with the preparations for Garden Party. First of all, help her to send invitation to her friends. Then dress up little angel in flowerprint costume and accessories.

Baby Hazel party games
Baby Hazel and her friends have gathered in the garden to enjoy funfilled party games. Let us join the kids to play games and see who the winner among them is. Keep Baby Hazel and her friends happy by attending all their needs.

Baby Hazel feasting and playing
Baby Hazel and her friends are enjoying the party a lot. Help them to grill barbeque snacks and also assist them in planting flower saplings in flower pot. Feast on delicious delicacies and enjoy playing Dancing Spin game.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.