Friendship Day

Baby Hazel and friends are excited to celebrate Friendship Day with their new friend, Kenny. Let's join the kids to celebrate most fun-filled Friendship Day party. Visit funfair to enjoy fun rides, go for a day out and enjoy tasty treats. Make this day memorable for kids by fulfilling all their requirements on time. Happy Friendship Day!

Help Hazel and Kenny to complete class assignment
Kenny is a new friend of Baby Hazel, who has recently joined her preschool. Help Hazel to socialize with him and help him in competing class assignment.

Help kids to organize Friendship Day party for Kenny
Wow! Baby Hazel and friends have decided to organize Friendship Day party for their new friend, Kenny. Let's join the kids and help them in organizing a memorable and fun-filled party for Kenny. Have fun!

Help Hazel in making friendship bracelets
Baby Hazel needs your help in making friendship bracelets for her friends. Can you help princess in making colorful friendship bracelets using colorful beads?

Enjoy fun-filled day out with kids
Hurray! Teacher is taking kids for a day out today. Let's join the kids to play games, enjoy fun ride at funfair and have tasty snacks. Keep the kids happy by giving them whatever they ask for during their their day out.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.