Farm Tour

This time Hazel is at her uncle's farm. She loves animals and to work at the farm. Play this game to help Hazel enjoy at the farm and help Uncle Sam.

Baby Hazel gets ready to leave for Uncle Sam's Farm
Baby Hazel is busy pampering and feeding her doll. Uncle Sam is about to leave for the farm and Hazel requests him to allow her join him at the farm. Help Hazel get ready to go to the farm. See to it that she has enough breakfast.

Baby Hazel explores the farm
Baby Hazel and Uncle Sam reach the farm. Baby Hazel is very excited to explore the farm. She is fond of working in the farm. Play this level to help Hazel accomplish all the activities at the farm. Remember to help them feed the animals at the farm.

Baby Hazel helps Uncle Sam
After a long work at the farm, Uncle Sam and Hazel have their lunch. Play this level to help Uncle Sam milk the cow at the barn and Hazel to collect the eggs. There are many more things happening at the farm.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.