Family Picnic

Hurray! There is a holiday treat for Baby Hazel! Hazel and family are going for a picnic. As mom is a busy feeding Matt, help Hazel to pack picnic basket. The join Hazel and family to enjoy toy train ride, feast on delicious snacks, play fun-filled games and a lot more. Have a blissful day with Baby Hazel and family at the picnic spot.

Pack picnic basket for Hazel
Baby Hazel and her family are going for a picnic. Mom has asked Hazel to pack the picnic basket. Can you help Hazel in packing all the stuff required for picnicking?

Enjoy snack time with Hazel
It's snacking time now! Baby Hazel and her family have reached the picnic spot. Serve tasty snacks to everyone and fulfill all their needs on time.

Play fun-filled games with Hazel
It's time to have some fun! Join siblings to enjoy fun-filled activities such as jumping on trampoline and playing Whack-a-rabbit.

Have fun in mirror maze
Wow! Baby Hazel and Matt have entered the mirror maze. Let's giggle watching funny reflections of siblings in different mirrors. Also enjoy playing with Pumpkin Man.

Capture funny photos in camera
It's time for photo shoot! So many photo cut-outs are available here. Join Hazel and family to click photos by posing behind the photo cut-outs. Have fun!

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.