Fairy Land

Hurray! Baby Hazel has got an excellent opportunity to explore the fairyland. A magician is ready to send her to fairyland on one condition that Hazel will bring pink flower as a gift for him. Let's join Hazel to help her in finding a pink flower and explore magical land of fairly filled with a lot of surprises. Enjoy an adventurous fairyland tour with Hazel!

Enjoy amazing magic show
Hurray! Dad has taken Hazel and Ashley to a magic show. Join the kids to enjoy amazing magic tricks played by a magician. Have fun!

Help Hazel to find pink flower in fairyland
Wow! Magician is ready to send Baby Hazel to fairyland on a condition that she will bring pink flower for him as a gift. Let's join Hazel to explore magical land of fairy and help her in finding the pink flower.

Blossom pink flower with Hazel
Some more artifacts are yet to be fixed! Help Hazel to fix the remaining artifacts sop hse can get the magical fountain water and blossom the withered flowers.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.