Dolphin Tour

Baby Hazel and her family plan a dolphin tour to explore the delightful world of dolphins. They enjoy the dolphin dance and many other spectacular performances by dolphins at the Dolphin park. Hazel also gets a chance to play and interact with dolphins and learn a few interesting facts related to them. Enjoy a blissful time with lovable dolphins along with our darling princess in this thrilling exotic Dolphin tour!!!

Baby Hazel enjoys at the counter
Baby Hazel and family have reached the Dolphin Park before time. As there is still some more time for the counter to open, keep darling Hazel and her cousin Ashley busy in fun-filled activities at the reception lobby.

Baby Hazel explores marine aquarium
Explore marine aquarium along with Baby Hazel to encounter dolphins and other colorful aquatic species. It is fun to see Hazel and dolphins dancing together. Play the level to check it out.

Baby Hazel enjoys dolphin's show
Now it is time to enjoy an amazing Dolphin show! Accompany Baby Hazel to enjoy watching the dolphins dancing and performing tricks as per their trainer's instruction. Enjoy the show!!!

Baby Hazel interacts with dolphins
Awesome!! Dolphin trainer is impressed with darling Hazel and gives her a chance to interact with dolphins. Let us join Baby Hazel in this playful and exciting journey with dolphins.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.