Day Care

Today mom and dad will be out of town for some important work. So, mom will be dropping Baby Hazel and Matt at daycare. It's first time that kids will be visiting the daycare. Can you help nanny to keep siblings happy by paying heed to all their demands. Play games, feed them and help them in socializing with other kids. Enjoy daycare fun with Baby Hazel!

Baby Hazel and Matt play games
Baby Hazel and Matt are enjoying fun hours by playing their favorite games. Be with siblings and fulfill their needs.

Dress up Hazel and Matt for day out
Baby Hazel and Matt will stay at daycare today. Help the kids in getting ready for their day out by quickly dressing them up in cute outfits.

Keep Hazel and Matt engaged in fun-filled activities
Baby Hazel and Matt are at daycare. Help nanny to keep siblings entertained and play with them. Keep them engaged in fun-filled activities so that they don't miss their parents.

Feed hungry Matt and Hazel
It's meal time! Help nanny to feed Baby Hazel and Matt tasty and healthy food. Wow! Some more kids have joined the siblings. Help Hazel to be friendly with them and interact with each other.

Have fun playing with kids
Playtime now! Let's join the kids to enjoy fun-filled games and activities. Fulfill all the requirements of kids on time to keep them happy.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.