Christmas Time

Merry Christmas everyone! Today, Baby Hazel is celebrating Christmas along with her friends, Bella & Liam, along with Honey Bonny and Katy, the cute little cat. She is eagerly waiting for Santa and very excited about what she is going to receive in presents. So she wants to complete all Christmas preparations as soon as possible. She has to pack gifts, make snowman and ride on snowboard, play snow fight and many more. This is good opportunity to celebrate Christmas with Baby Hazel and her friends too. Play this game and help her in completing all activities before Santa arrives. See what Santa gifts Baby Hazel. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy Christmas night along with Baby Hazel & her friends.

Baby Hazel decorates home for the Christmas Party
Baby Hazel is still busy in the preparation of the Christmas night. She has to pack gifts and place them under Christmas tree. After packing placing them, let Baby Hazel rest and play with her bunny and cat. Her friends will also come at her place to celebrate Christmas night.

Snow play time for Baby Hazel and her friends.
Wow! It's time for Baby Hazel and her friends to enjoy in snow. Help Baby Hazel in enjoying ride on snowboard along with Honey Bunny and Katy, the little kitten. Baby Hazel is also planning to make snowman along with her friends. Ensure they all are having fun time.

Baby Hazel decorates Christmas cake
It's time for Baby Hazel to decorate the cake. Help her in getting done with the decoration in time. Her friends, Bella & Liam, are in mischievous mood and visits Baby Hazel through window. She feels cold when wind blows and it also puts off candle light. Help her in all the tasks she has to lock, barrel and stock.

Baby Hazel and friends with Santa Claus
After completing all the tasks concerned with Christmas, Baby Hazel and her friends are resting & waiting for Santa's visit. She is eagerly waiting for Santa and for Christmas gift. As Santa comes at her place Baby Hazel is at cloud nine. Play this game and know what gift she gets.

Use mouse interact with Baby Hazel and her friends. Enjoy!