Brushing Time

A beautiful morning is welcomed by a bright sun. Starting a day without proper dental care is unhygienic. For healthy gums and shining teeth, Baby Hazel too needs to maintain proper oral hygiene. As little doll is not aware of using brushing accessories, give her guidance for the same. Be with her, when she brushes teeth, massage gums and cleans tongue.

Baby Hazel kick start morning
Beginning of another beautiful day! Its a bright sun outside and time for Baby Hazel to leave her bed. With a cozy and gentle touch, wake up little angel. Give some toys to her as soon as she wakes up so that smile does not disappear from her face.

Baby Hazel brushing accessories
Baby Hazel needs to brush her teeth to maintain oral hygiene. Help her in selecting the brushing accessories such as tooth brush, toothpaste, tongue cleaner, gum massager, mug, water, and soap.

Baby Hazel accessories guidance
Darling Hazel is too young to know the usage of brushing accessories. Assist her in using the different oral care accessories.

Baby Hazel oral care
Baby Hazel needs to maintain oral hygiene so that she does not have any kind of gum and teeth problem. Help her in brushing, tongue cleaning and massaging of gums.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.