Birthday Surprise

Wow! Baby Hazel is in a playful mood and is busy pampering her pets, Katy & Bunny. Baby Hazel gets reminder call on mobile of her friend Akito's birthday. Oops! Little Hazel almost forgot it. She plans has a good plan for Akito's birthday. She asks her other friends to help in setting perfect Surprise Birthday Party for buddy Akito. Let's see what Baby Hazel does for her best friend's birthday bash. Help her and her friends in preparing for the same. Keep an eye on their needs. Hush! It's surprise party.

Baby Hazel get Akito birthday reminder
Wow! Baby Hazel is having fun with her darling pets, Katy and Bunny. She is enjoying pampering them and playing with them. Suddenly her mobile rings. Oh! It's a reminder call regarding Akito's birthday. Let's see what Little Hazel thinks for her BFF Akito.

Baby Hazel shopping time
Whoopee! It's time for shopping. Baby Hazel leaves for shopping in a shopee. Help darling Hazel in picking stuffs for Birthday party. Want to know what she gets as a gift for Akito? Play this level and get to know what she chooses for him.

Baby Hazel party arrangement
Yeah! Baby Hazel is back to home after shopping. Now it's time for everyone to decorate the room with colorful balloons, ribbons and other decorating stuff. Help these little kids in completing the decoration and setting everything at its right place. Hurry up! Lots of decorating work is pending, they need you.

Akito gets birthday surprise
Hurray! They are done with the decoration and Hazel has invited Akito. Sssh! Be mum. Akito may come in at any moment. O! Here he is. It's time to surprise Akito and celebrate his birthday. Akito is stunned and is happy with the birthday bash. Pay heed to everyone's need while they are celebrating his birthday. Enjoy this surprise birthday party with Baby Hazel and her friends & birthday boy Akito.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.