Bed Time

Stars are twinkling in the sky and night seems beautiful in moonlight. Baby Hazel is now ready to go to bed but before that she needs to brush her teeth and take a shower. Help Hazel in carrying her bedtime activities. Make a bed for her and pamper the little girl by telling her interesting stories. If bad dream scares Hazel, pamper her with kisses and playing lullabies.

Baby Hazel bedtime activities
As moon has appeared and stars are twinkling, it's time for Baby Hazel to go to bed and enjoy sweet dreams. She needs to brush and have bath before going to bed. Help little angel in her bedtime activities and dress up her in comfortable night wear.

Baby Hazel bed making
For a comfortable and deep sleep, bed has to prepared for Baby Hazel. Make a bed for her by keeping blanket, pillow and some toys.

Baby Hazel bedtime stories
Baby Hazel is feeling sleepy but before a deep sleep she wants to hear interesting story of red riding hood. Pamper her with kisses and hugs when she gets scared of wolf while listening to the story. Her sound sleep is not disturbed with hunger, so don't forget to feed her with milk.

Baby Hazel scary dreams
Sweet little Hazel is having sound and deep sleep. But wolf in the story is still alive in her mind and thus, sees wolf in her dreams. Be with angel throughout the night and pamper her whenever she gets scared and cries.

Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.