Easy To Digest And Healthy Food For Babies

The tiny tummies of babies cannot digest all types of solid food. Moreover, they eat in a very less quantity so it is very important that food fed to them should be healthy that contains essential nutrients. Below is the quick time guide on what type of foods should be served to the little ones, that are packed with lots of nutrients.

Easy To Digest And Healthy Food For Babies

Avocados are a good source of unsaturated fats and play a vital role in enhancing brain development. Mash the avocados and serve to your little eaters. They will surely enjoy feasting on it as it's yummy and healthy too!

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potato is loaded with vitamin C, potassium and minerals such as copper and iron. It not only provides the required nutrients but is also great in taste. Thus, sweet potato is one of the most popular baby's foods, preferred by moms. Just boil the sweet potato and mash is properly and gives your baby this sweet and yummy treat.

Eating bananas have numerous health benefits! Bananas contain lots of carbohydrates, which provides energy. Also, this yummy fruit is high in fiber, which helps in normalizing bowel movements. Thoroughly mash the bananas as it will be easy for little ones to eat and chew.

Cook the carrots until they are soft and make a puree and serve it to your baby! Carrot gives your baby Beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is very important for child' healthy vision and growth. Due to natural sweetness in carrots, little eaters find carrots to be yummy and sweet.

Rice Cereals
Pediatricians and experts recommend rice cereal as a first food for babies. It is easy to digest for the tiny tummies of babies.

Citrus Fruits
Give your baby the citrus fruits including such as oranges and grapefruits as they are high in potassium and also a good source of Vitamin C. These nutrients play a vital role in maintaining a perfect fluid balance in the body. Refrain giving citrus fruits to the babies, who are below one year.